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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


You're in a hurry at the checkout queue pushing a trolley full of groceries. The person in front of you has a credit card malfunction. Ergh. She's embarrassed. The checkout lady's embarrassed and you're embarrassed. You try to be polite and smile a 'I know how you feel' sympathy smile. Instead of quitting her failed checkout attempt and leaving (as you expect her to) she says to the checkout lady,

'I'll just ring my mobile and sort it out.'

'O.K,' whines checkout lady.

'Grr,' You quietly grr.

'The card just got declined,' she berates her (I'm guessing) husband.

Your ice-creams melting and you really need to get going.

'I'm in Safeway and my cards just been declined,' she yells down her mobile. She's angry and you don't want to stir her up further.

You can't wait so you make a beeline to the next available checkout. Yep. That's right. The dad with 5000 items beats you to it.
Overloaded Shopping Cart Stock Photo - Royalty-Free, Artist: logoff                        , Code: 625-02266073

Friday, 16 November 2012

Don't you hate it when...

Don't you hate it when...

Don't you hate it when you go out for a meal and you can't help but get food all over your face. The serviette holder is empty and you are wearing a sleeveless top. What to do???  To make matters worse you get that embarrassing feeling there is food wedged in-between your front teeth. Every time someone says something amusing you have to stop yourself from smiling.