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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Eat, pray, what is death?

The questions we ask can sometimes reveal the answers we already know. For example, if someone were to ask an intelligent maths question it would reveal to the questionee the probability the questioner has a sound knowledge of maths. Using this logic I wondered what are the main questions human beings generally ask themselves and what does this say about our society. Of course we cannot overlook Google when we search for an answer. 'Just google it,' has become the most answered answer to life's conundrums. Here are my findings to googling verbatim 'what is the most asked question?'

On the number 1 asked question is: 'What happens when I die?'
Second- 'Would you like fries with that?'
And third- 'Do you know the muffin man?'

 I may have added some poetic license to this result.

What does this data say about our society? Are we are all eternal existentionalists that are obsessed by food and celebrity.

The most scientific question on this website is, 'why is the sky blue?' Oh derr.
'How do you make pancakes?' And the old time favourite- 'What happens when I die?' Again food and death is the main theme.

Okay, so now I google "what happens when I die?" I had to select because the name says it all and this pearl of wisdom is what it offered:
  "To understand what happens when you die, we must first understand what death is. The dictionary definition of death is as concise at it is stark: The end of life; the total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism."

Thank-you for informing your readers the end of life is death.

There are heaps and heaps of Internet users, so many it's tricky getting reliable figures as to how many people are surfing the information highways. The main query the estimated 1 billion users can come up with is how to find and cook food and how to lose weight once we've eaten too much of it.  Followed by 'what is death?'

According to Wikipedia (nobody goes there without a question) there are over 300 million Internet users reading blogs similar to the crappy one you are reading now. There are also over 1 billion google searches a day. and that's just google. We have to ask if anyone is getting any closer to finding any answers?

Why are there so many questions being asked and what does it tell us about ourselves, and our society and humankind as a whole? Food, God, the meaning of life, how to lose weight and celebrities- that's our most asks. Should we change the way we inquire about the world around us? Well that's just another one of those questions.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Parental quandaries or, the things they do not tell you before you have children

Things to consider before you procreate:

  • To immunise or not to immunise, or, Autism versus any number of deadly diseases
  • Pacifier, dummy, or, the other option- insomnia
  • Breast or bottle, or, sags versus bags
  • Cloth or disposable nappies, or, rash versus environmental disaster
  • Public versus private school, or, illiteracy versus bankruptcy
  • The truth about Santa- Hey I still believe in the red fella'
  • Pocket money or poverty, or, earn versus free load
  • White bread, or, wholemeal- either way if you eat the crust your hair will curl
  • Smack or not to smack, or, brat versus bruise (I personnally find twisting ears works wonders)
  • Mobile phone or not to mobile phone which leads to monthly plans or pre-paid
  • XBox versus Playstation- Dad will ultimately decide and usually buy both
  • Social media or social retardation- Facebook versus Myspace versus Skype etc etc
  • Computer games (chewing gum for the brain) versus books- no brainer
  • Driving lessons- fork out a professional teacher, or, fork out inflated insurance premiums

By the time you consider all of the options your kids will either be getting married or leaving home or both. This will allow you to start planning for your grandchildren.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gun Control. Who is in control?

Australia has had its share of gun law reform. Our former Prime Minister John Howard banned pump action shot guns and semi automatic rifles in 1996 instigated mostly by the Port Arthur massacre. Since those reforms were passed there has been no mass shootings in our nation.

The law reforms affected my husband who is an avid deer hunter. He owned a semi automatic rifle for the purpose of his sport and three days after successfully obtaining his license the banning of those weapons was introduced much to his disappointment. A lot more deer sleep easier since 1996 as the old bolt action rifles allow stags more fleeing time. Oh well, hunters around Australia have had to get better at aiming and maybe American hunters need to change their attitude too. (Keeping in mind hunters do not use military assault rifles to shoot deer).

However, is it fair to compare our nations' firearm laws to that of America?
It is beneficial sometimes to remind ourselves how these types of topics are all about perceptions. It all depends upon how you look at things and where you stand. For example our planet could be viewed from space like this: 

America, you are now down under.

I do not want to make light of this topic. The ABC's Four Corners profiled Adam and Nancy Lanze- an excellent perception in regard to Sandy Hook. The story can be seen here:

From my perspective America suffering another mass shooting has become commonplace. The recent Mother's Day shooting in New Orleans was received without reaction amongst my friends and family. The lack of shock concerned me. The attitude, 'Oh its just another shooting in America,' has become the USA's reputation.

From my perspective it leaves questions to be raised that only the people of America can answer:
  • How can the USA invade countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretense of freedom and justice and democracy? Who would want those kinds of freedoms and rights? The democratic right to kill children en masse. From my point of view it seems highly hypocritical and you can keep that style of democracy.
  • How can a nation be under the control of weapons manufacturers?
  • How can a person with a history of mental illness have unlimited access to military assault rifles?
  • Why should any person, sane or otherwise, have access to weapons of mass killing potential.

The US has grown as a nation on the back of litigation lawyers. Sue damnit. Litigate and be proud. Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, USFA, the list is endless. Where have those suppliers displayed their duty of care? Those companies manufacture and trade products that injure and kill people. If they made a toy that choked a child they'd have their butts sued off.

Connecticut has taken the first step in gun law reform and I think its' people and leaders are bravely pioneering the way- and that is what it will take. Good old-fashioned people power. People who will not be dictated to by the NRA and leaders capable of sensible law reform. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Household Hit List

10 more things I love to hate around the house:

1. Second hand dental floss on the bathroom vanity.
2. No food in the pantry even though you just spent $200 on groceries.
3. The TV remotes' whereabouts or lack of TV remotes' whereabouts.
4. Toe nail clippings randomly dispersed in living areas.
5. A sink full of dirty dishes and not one of them is yours.
6. Telemarketers calling whilst cooking dinner
7. Telemarketers calling anytime
8. Fingerprints on TV and computer screens
9. Picking clumps of hair out of the drain in the shower
10. Picking hair out of your sandwich

Crowd surfing without the crowd and other political election rally stuff ups.

Imran Khan is a Pakistan hero and I was really scared for the cricketing legend as he plummeted to the earth after falling from an alleged stable forklift. Someone's going to be in trouble for that campaign stuff-up. The whole episode, though slightly embarrassing yet oh so painful, can be viewed via Youtube here: (I certainly am sick of the footage so don't feel obliged to view it.)

I so do wish Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott would take a leaf out of Imran's book and try to crowd-surf without the crowd. We all know what Abbott would be wearing. The whole episode made me wonder why politicians do these election fiascos when all they really need to do is keep quiet and allow their Opposition to fail. I also wonder why Gillard announced an election 7 months in advance. Kissing babies, shaking hands, being a rotten-egg-throwers' target practice, intense media grillings, relentless travel, lies, promise back-flips and forever sucking-up to random people is the life of our pollies during election campaigns. I'm not tempted at all to join the public service.

American presidents should moonlight as comedians during their elections. Especially George Bush who has more comedic material than Chaplin, Allen and Hope combined.

If what a pollie wants is votes then he/she should do the right thing and simply buy them. Forget the campaign trail and just pay voters a nice sized retainer for their vote. Taxpayers can pay because taxpayers pay for everything pollies do. Or, we can go back to the forklift model and learn some valuable campaign lessons.
-Never trust Pakistan forklift hire companies.
-Never descend from a forklift until it has grounded its' forks.
-Never retire from international cricket and then use a forklift as a dais,
-Never let your bodyguard ride your forklift and then pull you down to the ground by the neck when it randomly fails.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

burqa versus bikini versus hypocrisy

In Australia some people are offended by the wearing of this attire and say it should be banned:

Though some people think this is okay?:

Of course art has always upset and offended

Not sure if we should laugh, cry, be offended or jealous:

I wonder what this lady thinks? 

Here is the definition of offensive according to the free dictionary

of·fen·sive  (-fnsv)
1. Disagreeable to the senses: an offensive odor.
2. Causing anger, displeasure, resentment, or affront: an offensive gesture.
a. Making an attack: The offensive troops gained ground quickly.
b. Of, relating to, or designed for attack: offensive weapons.
4. (fn-) Sports Of or relating to a team having possession of a ball or puck: the offensive line.
1. An attitude or position of attack: go on the offensive in chess.
2. An attack or assault: led a massive military offensive.

For me- I personally can't stand the wearing of this: