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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Gun Control. Who is in control?

Australia has had its share of gun law reform. Our former Prime Minister John Howard banned pump action shot guns and semi automatic rifles in 1996 instigated mostly by the Port Arthur massacre. Since those reforms were passed there has been no mass shootings in our nation.

The law reforms affected my husband who is an avid deer hunter. He owned a semi automatic rifle for the purpose of his sport and three days after successfully obtaining his license the banning of those weapons was introduced much to his disappointment. A lot more deer sleep easier since 1996 as the old bolt action rifles allow stags more fleeing time. Oh well, hunters around Australia have had to get better at aiming and maybe American hunters need to change their attitude too. (Keeping in mind hunters do not use military assault rifles to shoot deer).

However, is it fair to compare our nations' firearm laws to that of America?
It is beneficial sometimes to remind ourselves how these types of topics are all about perceptions. It all depends upon how you look at things and where you stand. For example our planet could be viewed from space like this: 

America, you are now down under.

I do not want to make light of this topic. The ABC's Four Corners profiled Adam and Nancy Lanze- an excellent perception in regard to Sandy Hook. The story can be seen here:

From my perspective America suffering another mass shooting has become commonplace. The recent Mother's Day shooting in New Orleans was received without reaction amongst my friends and family. The lack of shock concerned me. The attitude, 'Oh its just another shooting in America,' has become the USA's reputation.

From my perspective it leaves questions to be raised that only the people of America can answer:
  • How can the USA invade countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq under the pretense of freedom and justice and democracy? Who would want those kinds of freedoms and rights? The democratic right to kill children en masse. From my point of view it seems highly hypocritical and you can keep that style of democracy.
  • How can a nation be under the control of weapons manufacturers?
  • How can a person with a history of mental illness have unlimited access to military assault rifles?
  • Why should any person, sane or otherwise, have access to weapons of mass killing potential.

The US has grown as a nation on the back of litigation lawyers. Sue damnit. Litigate and be proud. Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, USFA, the list is endless. Where have those suppliers displayed their duty of care? Those companies manufacture and trade products that injure and kill people. If they made a toy that choked a child they'd have their butts sued off.

Connecticut has taken the first step in gun law reform and I think its' people and leaders are bravely pioneering the way- and that is what it will take. Good old-fashioned people power. People who will not be dictated to by the NRA and leaders capable of sensible law reform. 

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